Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Sims 4: Ouran Host Club Challenge (Credits to Myself)

Watch My Play through Here

Steps to Begin the Challenge: 

  • Start off with 7 teen sims, 6 males, 1 female alien.
  • 1 sim must wear glasses and have the perfectionist trait.
  • 1 male sim must have the loner trait
  • 2 males sims must be twins and have the self-assured trait
  • 1 sim must have the romantic trait
  • 1 sim must have childish trait
  • female alien must have a human disguise that is as masculine  as possible.
  • When creating female alien don't give her any aspiration other than fabulously wealthy. When you are in game and you have moved in the household into a lot of your choosing, and purchased a retail lot and transferred the amount specified, than you have to change it to the fabulously wealthy aspiration. (The 1st tier of the aspiration will automatically be completed, due to starting off with 32,000 simoleons)
  • Build a retail store to your liking or download, it must have a bakery. (You may sell paintings and photographs but a bakery must be present and used when selling paintings and photographs.)
  • Pick a lot to live in (whether luxurious or cheap using freerealestate on cheat) you than use the 32,000 simoleons to buy an empty lot for a retail store. And you must transfer most of the money (should be 24,000 simoleons) so that you only have 5,000 simoleons left for the household.
  •  Can only have 3 skill building objects that does not coming from household funds. (bookshelves and tvs do not count, computers do count)
  • The Romantic sims father will be the one paying for the Dorm's bills, so when they come add only the amount that is needed to pay the bills.


  • Normal life span, must complete goal before adult stage. (you have Teen- Young  Adult to complete all the goals.)
  • Female alien must not be found out by anyone outside the household.(exception: is 1 sim that is best friends with the female alien, and is the only sim that she can tell [cannot switch best friends, whoever you pick is the final decision])
  • Only household sims that are friends with the female alien may know her secret.
  • Must complete goals on normal life span before they become an adult.
  • teens may not have jobs, they can only use skill building things to make money off of.
    • such as: 
      • fishing, woodworking, painting, photographs, etc


  • Must complete the alien female sim's 1st tire of the Fabulously wealthy aspiration.
  • The twins must become best friends.
  • The male sim with the loner trait must become best friends with the male sim with the childish trait.
  • The romantic sim must become best friends with the sim with perfectionist trait.
  • Must have at minimum 20,000 simoleons in retail funds from selling goods and not transferring (the only transferred money allowed is at the beginning, so be careful on the amount you spend building it!)
  • Must have at minimum a household fund of 10,000 simoleons
  • All sims must have a grade A before they age up.


  • penalty for being found out by a non household sim: -300 simoleons
  • penalty for being found out by a housemate who is not the alien's friend: -200 simoleons.
  • penalty for an individual sim aging up with a F is -1000 simoleons
  • penalty for an individual sim aging up with a D is -800 simoleons
  • penalty for an individualsim aging up with a C is -600 simoleons
  • penalty for an individualsim aging up with a B is - 400 simoleons


  1. can i translate your challenge??

  2. This is an awesome challenge!!!! I am so going to do this challenge!!! Thank you so much for creating it!!!!