Thursday, June 4, 2015

Back Story to The Sims 4 Ouran Host Club Challenge

Back Story

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One female alien child sim was left on earth, by her parents, with no money or knowledge of where she was. One day she was wondering around when she came across a species. A species of the planet she was left on. The human had such a horrid reaction that it scared the alien child into her disguise. She then found she looked like the sim that scared her. In her fear she ran away to a forest, where she thought she was safe, until a camper sim stumbled upon her. She was petrified but since she was still in her human disguise the female camper approached her without a worry and asked the frighten child where her parents were. She didn't speak, too fearful of the unknown and she did not understand the female camper anyway! 

The female then approached the child with caution, cooing her fright away. This allowed her to get close enough to grab on to the child's shoulder. The alien child was resistant at first! However when the female camper offered her some food, her stomach told her to befriend the women. So she went along with the camper happily eating. The women had looked desperately for information on the missing parents but with no luck, she wondered what on earth was going on.  The poor child! Worried sick, the female adopted the child as her own, since she had no children of her own. 

When the alien child became a teen, she finally had learned the language, called simlish from her adoptive mother. She had become her home tutor. The adoptive mother had thought it would be a good idea for her to start to go to school, and had the child alien take an entrance exam for Ouran Academy's scholarship. The alien teen was so smart she was accepted!

On her first day to school, the alien teen ended up in a room. She swore it was the music room, until 7 male teen sims popped up and scared her. She fell backwards in fright which made her smash a beautiful vase in half! One of the male sims, with the perfectionist trait, then went on to tell her that the vase was really expensive. The teen alien sim did not have enough money to pay back for such item! She was already upset as it was! Thoughts streamed through her mind... My family isn't wealthy at all. How do I replace it? Why did this happen to me? The male sim with, the romantic trait, then offered her a deal -she could work at their host club to pay off her debt...

And this is where the story telling begins!

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