Friday, April 24, 2015

The Sims Next Top Model Rules

My Sims Next Top Model Cycle 1 Playlist: Here

My Sims Next Top Model Cycle 2 Playlist: Here

  1. Must have 7 Sims to start, 6 of them being sim models and the 7th being a level 5 Photographer. The 8th sim is to be added later for photo shoot purposes only!
  2. Eliminations will be every 4 episodes and goodbye Party.
  3. Photo shoots will be every episode unless something else is happening.
  4. Every 3 episodes, you must have a random sim (add sim to household) for each model to pose with (collab shoot).
  5. You must create the outfits for each sim model, and each time they must be different. 
  6. You must give a reward of your choosing to the winner of the 2nd photo shoot except for outings. (refer to # 7) exanple: complete all whims until end of episode/day.
  7. Outings are only rewarded to the sim model that has the most points after the 4th photo shoot. (refer to #8)
  8. 1st Place in photoshoot/runway walk= 4 points. 2nd place=2. 3rd place=1point
Total of Episodes: 20-24

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